Here’s a DIY for a fun, fast and festive centerpiece collection with Indian flair!


  • Fill sparkly gold bowls three quarters full of water.

Note: Place the bowls directly on the table in their final position, then add water.
Substitutions: Any, shallow, low bowl will work!

  • Clip marigold and dahlia heads right off the stem. Then, drop them into the bowls filled with water.  Hot pink to orange tones lend to an Indian Inspired look, although have fun experimenting with other colors.

Color Tip: Keep it simple with two to three graduating colors.
Substitutions: Fall pedaled peonies and garden roses also flowers that float well.

  • Create a still life with these same flowers on the tabletop, surrounding the bowls. Cluster like blossoms together.
  • Group clusters of coordinating gold mercury glass votives around the bowls.
  • Finish off the floating blossoms in the bowls and tabletop with a dash of hot pink rose petals!

Enjoy and have fun!

…behind the scenes in the Floral Art studio.. taking it seriously!