Peony No 5

This May, our peony floral design class was inspired by Chanel perfume. Both are classic, feminine and regal which makes the two a perfect fit.  While peonies and Chanel are considered traditional, we brought a fresh, modern edge to the arrangement and tabletop setting by balancing feminine elements with simple accessories.  Clean lined vases and a monochromatic pink table linen allow for these feminine flowers to shine.

Here are the elements that made up this season’s Peony No 5 tabletop:

I hope you enjoy!



  • We made Peony No 5 labels for clean lined square glass 5″x 5″ vases in the shape of a perfume bottle.
  • Satellite vases were created with emptied Chanel perfume bottles.


  • Blush linen from La Tavola Linens
  • Monte Carlo china from Brite Event rentals


  • We began the arrangement with the hydrangea, because this is the largest bloom and becomes the foundation of the arrangement.
  • Next, the peonies. Stems are inserted within the hydrangea. *Be careful not to damage the individual stems of the hydrangea flowers as you are inserting the peony stems.
  • Fill in the shape with the blush Geraldine roses. *See this (video link) for how to reflex a rose.
  • Tuck in the white lisianthus between the peonies and roses within the hydrangea blooms.
  • Asymmetrically accent the arrangement with a couple blush astible to the top right.
  • For added fragrance, wire a single gardenia and tuck into the arrangement. A single medium gage wire and corsage tape needed. This allows the gardenia to have an artificial stem which keeps it in place.


  • Feminine day or evening occasion – birthday, bat mitzvah, bridal shower.